Labor Policy

Advancing Job Opportunities, Business + Industrial Investment in Saratoga County, New York

Saratoga County Industrial Development Agency
Declaration of Motivation
For the Employment of Local Tradespeople
During the Construction Phase of IDA-Benefited Projects

The County of Saratoga Industrial Development Agency (IDA), formed pursuant to Section 856 of the New York State Industrial Development Act (the “Act”), was created for the purpose of promoting employment opportunities for and the general prosperity and economic welfare of Saratoga County residents. The IDA is authorized by Section 858 of the Act to enter into agreements requiring payments in lieu of taxes (“PILOT Agreements”) with private companies in order to facilitate the location or the expansion of their businesses in Saratoga County. A PILOT Agreement essentially extends, either in whole or in part, IDA’s exemption from real property and other taxes to private companies participating in IDA programs.

Construction jobs, although limited in time duration, are vital to the overall employment opportunities within Saratoga County since construction wages earned by local residents are reinvested in the local economy, adding greatly to its vitality. It is the IDA’s strong conviction that companies benefiting from its programs should employ New York State residents during the construction phase of projects. Only in that way can the public benefits accruing from the IDA’s efforts be maximally distributed to the residents and taxpayers of Saratoga County. It is, therefore, the request of the IDA that firms benefiting from its programs will be fully cognizant of the IDA’s mission to promote employment opportunities during all project phases, including the construction phase.

The IDA hereby declares its right to request companies benefiting from its programs to engage Saratoga County residents in and during the project construction phase through the addition of an amendment to the IDA project application requiring applicants to:

1. Identify the name, title, mailing address, phone/FAX/E-Mail of the project contact person who will be responsible and accountable for providing information about the bidding for and awarding of future construction contracts relative to the application and project.

2. Describe, in the best way possible, the nature of construction jobs created by the project. The description should provide as much detail as possible, including the number, type and duration of construction positions.

3. Submit to the IDA a “Construction Completion Report” listing the names and business locations of prime contractors, subcontractors and vendors who have been engaged for the construction phase of the project by companies benefiting from IDA programs.

In turn the IDA will:

1. Post all applications approved for a public hearing to its web site ( within two business days of such authorization.

2. Following the public hearing and Agency approval has been granted for an inducement resolution the web-site will be promptly updated for all current data.

3. Reserve the right to modify and/or rescind benefits granted to any company under the IDA’s Uniform Tax Exemption Policy for the failure to comply with any of the provision listed herein.