Advancing Job Opportunities, Business + Industrial Investment in Saratoga County, New York

The SCIDA provides financial assistance to the private sector to stimulate capital investment and job creation in the economy of Saratoga County. Please contact one of our partners to determine if your project is eligible for IDA Assistance.

Application Procedure
  1. Completed application submitted to Agency with a check of $250 for application fee.
  2. Agency subcommittee meeting scheduled for initial project review.
  3. A meeting will be scheduled between project applicant and representatives of the Agency to review supporting financial data relating to the applicant and the project.
  4. If the application is deemed appropriate for Agency financial assistance, a public hearing to be held in the host municipality is scheduled.
  5. At least 10 days prior to the public hearing, notice of the hearing is published in a suitable newspaper and notice is given by mail to the chief executive officer of each affected taxing jurisdiction.
  6. Following the close of the public hearing, the Agency will consider adoption of an inducement resolution which (1) grants preliminary authorization for the extension by the Agency of financial assistance for a project, (2) describes the financial assistance to be rendered, and (3) sets forth the conditions for final approval including, but not limited to, compliance by the Agency with the provisions of the new York State Environmental Quality Review Act.
  7. Following drafting of the necessary financing documents and prior to the issuance of bonds or closing on conventional financing, the Agency will meet to adopt a bond resolution or financing resolution.
  8. An administration fee will be due the agency at closing.